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Long road to identiy

Ever asked, "Who am I, really?" The struggle to find identity, call and/or direction is real. What defines us? Where do my confidence and strength lie? If it's in a relationship or job, what happens if I lose that? Where are we on the road to finding who we were created to be?

Prison of our own shame.

Healthy guilt is one thing, but shame is crippling. Shame keeps us from being our truest selves and from living a life of abundance and freedom.

Lonely beach walk.
Epidemic Isolation


Though we are more accessible than ever through the "wonders" of the internet, studies have shown that we are in an epidemic of isolation. 

Pornography online
Pornography/Sexual Addiction and Compulsion


I have worked professionally with this struggle since 2005, helping men recover and couples heal. Talks can be tailored to the needs of the audience. 

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