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The work of restoration cannot begin until a problem is fully faced.

- Dan Allender

Intensive counseling offers individuals and couples the opportunity to "jumpstart" the healing and restorative process. 


With intensive counseling, you spend one or two weeks deeply engaging your story in a focused, concentrated manner. We strive to get to the core root issue. I've worked with many individuals and couples on affair recovery, issues of addiction, soul care, marriage enhancement and much more. I've seen transformative results with this unique therapy experience.


I will be happy to talk to you directly about your needs and how we might tailor your intensive to give you the most traction for the road ahead.


I can't promise you you'll leave "fixed." There are no quick fixes, silver bullets or magic wands. However, what I can offer is an opportunity to profoundly step into healing from life-controlling issues.



Intensive offerings

Intensives are run Monday through Friday for three hours a day. If you are in need of a two-week intensive you will have Saturday and Sunday for further reflection while taking in what Colorado has to offer. 


Intensive Rates:

Standard Rate: 

One Week - $5,250; Two Week - $10,500

(Reduced rates for active military/first responders/fulltime ministry persons please email me for availablity.)


Rates do NOT include food or lodging. We can provide you with a list of hotels near our offices if you would like.


If you desire for an additional cost we can work with you to provide a short-term rental in the Foothills of Denver. These rentals provide a not only a private location to stay but a place where we can meet as an alternative to the office. These homes have a full kitchen, living spaces and individual bedrooms. This option would also not include food, however, catering can be arranged if paid for and arranged in advance. 


We recognize that the costs of intensives are significant. We also know that the transformational opportunity offered in intensive counseling can be a life-changing investment in your future!


If you'd like to discuss how an intensive would benefit you and your situation please don't hesitate to contact me for a free, no-obligation consultation.


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